Colour Spectra

Get access to colour shade cards at a push of a button. Explore the entire range of home painting colours, shades and textures we offer.

  • Colours by family

    Colour Shades

    Glance through the different shades under every colour.

  • Exclusive Shades

    Exclusive Colour Shades

    Add exclusive shades to your walls.

  • Special shades

    Special Wall Colour Combination

    Impress your guests with spectacular special effects.

  • Ultima metallics

    Ultima metallics

    Make your walls shine with a metallic tint.

  • Wood palette

    Wood palette

    Protect your wooden surfaces with a rich finish.

Colour fidelity disclaimer: Please verify the exact shade with an Asian Paints Colour Spectra book as there may be some difference between the appearance of the image on screen and actual paint due to different screen resolutions.