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Service Process

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We are proud of our superior service process that we offer to our customers. At every step, care is taken to make the process transparent, easy and of the highest quality.

Step 1. Call Us

Contact us by filling the form online or
CALL :1800 209 5678
Or SMS PAINT to 56161.

Step 2. Consultation Visit

A Sales Associate (SA) will visit you for site evaluation, accurate measurement and product and budget consultation.

Step 3: Payment Collection

We accept advance payment through cheque/ demand draft in the name of our Authorized Service Provider.

Step 4: Contract Signing

We will draw up an agreement for your signature.

Step 5: Site Handover

The SA will introduce your Relationship Associate (RA) who will be responsible for the execution of the job.

Step 6: Work Schedule

The RA draws up a work schedule as per discussion with you and the contractor for timely delivery.

Step 7: Colour Advice

We will advise you on shade choices and usage of special themes.

Step 8: Pre Work

We will procure Asian Paints material and depute Asian Paints trained applicators.

Step 9: Protecting Furniture

We cover and mask non-paintable surfaces.

Step 10: Work Starts

An RA will supervise the painting and ensure that the quality meets our recommended guidelines and standards.

Step 11: Site Handover

The RA will ensure a professional handover of your premise, post required site cleaning.

Step 12: Work Completion

The job gets completed only after you put your signature on the job completion form.

Step 13: Invoice and Warranty

Invoice and warranty cards are couriered to you after the job completion.

Step 14: Feedback

An independent agency will contact you for confirming your satisfaction rating on different parameters of our service.